2004 Geissler Family Reunion
Disney World, Florida - page 3

There's a lot to do at Disney World -- things that do and don't relate to the theme parks themselves. (That's parks plural -- Disney has four related parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM Studios and Animal Kingdom, not to mention the area called Downtown Disney for shopping and nightclubbing, and two water parks, and just about everything else you can imagine.) Our crew took advantage of just about everything the place had to offer that we could fit into the time we had available.

Dennis got to see Mickey and Minnie and all his favorite characters, and ride on a bunch of rides (six times on the boat ride inside the Mexico pavilion! woo-hoo!) and decided that Disney World rated a thumbs-up.

Gina went swimming (as did most of the other teenagers -- Alex, Harry, Rose and Katya at a minimum -- but they were elusive when it came to the cameras!).

Then there were the card sharps... er, card players. Tim in particular is vicious and sneaky, and once bluffed Ian out of a winning hand with cards that couldn't have beaten a pair of deuces.

Some of us took advantage of opportunities to relax, like Duncan and daddy Bill.

Some of us met new friends or went out sightseeing (is that tree terrific or what? look at the carvings on that thing -- here's one close-up or, if you prefer, even closer-up...).

Disney has a lake where outdoorsmen can fish in a catch-and-release program. One morning four of the guys went out to try their hands:
  • Mike caught the first fish.

  • Tim caught the most fish.

  • Evan (my older brother, y'know) really did catch the smallest fish.

  • Fred paid off all the bets.
And some of us entered into a conspiracy to ensure that Duncan never EVER learns to walk [click on any photo to see a larger image]:

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