2004 Geissler Family Reunion
Disney World, Florida - page 2

The character dinner (which didn't feature rabbit, much to Dennis' relief) sure showed that we have some characters, all right... It looked for a while like there would be a budding romance between cousins Dennis and Gina before she left him for a much younger man. Cousin Katya presided over a table full of admirers [left to right: cousin Tim, papa Paul, Katya, cousin Gina hiding behind uncle Fred], while Bill decided he needed to take ANOTHER self-portrait.

Then along came the other characters: Piglet was first, and managed to get a smile out of Ian (left) who NEVER smiles for pictures if he can help it. Then Piglet cuddled up to Dennis and Duncan and Fred, before thoroughly embarrassing Paul (that's Dr. Paul Geissler of the U.S. Geological Survey, in case any of his colleagues hit this site through a search engine or anything)...

Next up was Eeyore with Mike, Dennis and daddy Bill, me and my older brother Evan (he'll be 60 this year, y'know), and then a whole table of Geisslers (left to right: Gina (with Duncan), Fred, Eeyore (in case you didn't recognize him), Tim, Paul and (with back to camera) Katya. Tigger arrived with a bounce for the young (and young at heart): Dennis, Tigger (the one with the stripes), me, Duncan and Carolyn. And, of course, it couldn't be a Hundred Acre Wood dinner without that silly old bear: with Evan and Judith and with Dennis, who had to give him a hug.

Periodically the characters parade around the dining room and the kids are supposed to join in. I'm sure it will be the highpoint of his life that young Duncan was carried around the dining room twice by his cousin Gina.

We had had dinner fairly early, but wanted to stay around for the fireworks, so that left a fair amount of time to kill. Some folks wandered around Main Street: Kacy and Mike decided they didn't like the spelling on this Main Street shop; then the boys posed for the photographers (left to right: Evan, Mike, Fred and Paul, with Tim leading the way). Some of us got artsy with our cameras as the lighting on the castle changed and then changed again. (My brother -- the older one, Evan -- was singularly unimpressed by the wait for the fireworks, but the rest of us all thought it was worth it [click on any thumbnail to see a bigger image]:

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