My younger sister Kacy graduated from Radford University in Radford, Virginia on May 6, 2000.

Now that may not sound like much of an achievement by itself, but let's add a few details. As in "summa cum laude." As in "double major in physics and geology." As in "Dean's Scholar in Geology." As in one of four in the graduating class honored as "Outstanding Students." As in "accepted to Virginia Tech for the Ph.D. program in geophysics." As in "named Cunningham Fellow at Virginia Tech." As in "43 years old, married with four children, and commuting an hour a day each way en route to that degree."

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Of course, all her children were there, choosing to sit in the seats or on the grass to cheer for their Mom.

Ian, at 17, is the oldest, and Kacy was determined to graduate from college before he graduated high school. (She beat him by a month. He graduated on June 8th.)

Hannah, at 15, is the oldest girl and has exceptional talents in art and making mischief. She's getting her driver's license this year.

Thomas, the younger son, is 11 and just graduated from 5th grade with the Presidential Academic Fitness Award.

The "baby," nine-year-old Rose, a dancer and cheerleader, just finished third grade with high marks and achievement scores.

Kacy's Graduation, May 2000

leaving home for the ceremony
With husband Mike before leaving home

The Highlanders
The Highlanders

'I'm not happy'
Who, me? Happy?

Oldest son Ian

Oldest daughter Hannah

Younger son Thomas

Younger daughter Rose

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