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India - June, 1987
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The City of Agra is an easy train ride from Delhi -- just a bit more than 100 miles. And Agra is the location of two of the most impressive monuments of the country: the Agra Fort and the Taj Mahal. The city itself and surrounding countryside are quite poor and burros and horse carts are common.

Although there had been a fort there before, what is now known as Agra Fort was built between 1565 and 1605. From its ramparts you can see the Taj Mahal in the distance over the Yamuna River -- the same view the Emperor who built the Taj Mahal had during his years of house arrest prior to his death.

I expected to be disappointed by the Taj Mahal; many times the real thing doesn't match the grandor of photographs. I was not at all disappointed by the Taj Mahal -- it is every bit as impressive in person as it is in photographs: stunningly beautiful. Built between 1631 and 1653, it was a tribute by Shah Jahan to his wife, who bore him 14 children during 17 years of marriage. The entrance building and side buildings are also very impressive. And it's huge: click on the minaret to see a larger photo, and look at the size of the people at its base.

Near Agra
Near Agra

Near Agra Near Agra

Agra Fort
Agra Fort

Taj from Agra Fort Taj from Agra Fort

Entrance to Taj Entrance to Taj

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal

Minaret at Taj Mahal Minaret at Taj Mahal
At Taj Mahal At Taj Mahal
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