First Canon G2 Photos     

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First Photos with new Canon G2

On February 21st, I finally jumped into the digital age when my new Canon G2 camera arrived via Fed Ex. And all I can say is: WOW!

This thing is simply terrific:

These photos of a planter given to me by my brother Warren for Christmas were taken indoors with a flash:

planter1 planter2 planter3 planter4

These photos -- the candle, the coasters, the crystal cat and crystal Pigasus -- were also taken indoors with a flash:

candle coasters crystal cat pigasus

These photos are of a silk flower arrangement (all taken indoors; the second photo is without a flash):

flower1 flower2 flower3 flower4

These photos are of the cats that own me: Mist (first five photos) and Snow (last two photos):

Mist Mist Mist Mist
Mist Snow Snow

These photos were taken outdoors on my way home from work. The first is from the parking lot; the second shows a tree along the train tracks in Newark:

parking lot at night tree along train tracks

These eight photos were all taken outdoors in or from my yard -- the church tower across the street, the front door, the holly bush, a shrub, the sidewalk in winter, a seedling tree growing up in the shadow of its "parent" -- and all were taken on full automatic setting:

church tower front door holly bush holly close-up
leaves shrub winter sidewalk seedling and tree

Back indoors for a little bit of "artsy" stuff -- the stained glass window backlit by the morning sun and the poinsettia Christmas tree with no added light:

stained glass poinsettia tree

Sigh... I think I'll keep it...


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