Baker, Battles, Buchanan, Cottrell, Davenport,
Fore, Geissler, Gentry, Johnson, Jones, Killen,
Pettypool, Robertson, Shew, Wiseman

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Our family research has taken us all over the south and the DEEP south, and to parts of the midwest and far west. Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, California. We have family names of Geissler, Cottrell, Robertson, Baker, Gentry, Killen, Shew, Battles, Johnson, Fore, Buchanan, Davenport, Fore, Wiseman, Pettypool, Jones and cousins named Barrett, Childress, Livingston, Williams.

Come on along into the research, join the discussions in the Family Message Board, and feel free always to email me with any additions or corrections.

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