Dennis Alexander's Christening, May 2001

Right now, I'm just a little heathen all dressed up in my Wolverine outfit that my Uncle Eddie got me.

Sitting with Mom
Mom says I have to go to church later and do all kinds of hard stuff like renounce Satan, and so she won't let me take a nap this morning. But I get to sit with her a lot. I guess it's okay. Sitting with Mom

I look spiffy
Am I gorgeous or what? Get a load of these duds! I am so cool. My godmama wanted to get me a fancy gown but my Dad said no son of his was wearing a dress, even to church. I wonder if I can eat the bib before services... Can I eat the bib?

With Dad
Now if Dad will just keep me at this angle for a few more seconds, I can grab a nap before we have to leave. (I am really tired. They keep waking me up with flashbulbs going off and stuff!)

Mom still says it's too early for me to go to sleep. She says it's all in my best interests. Something about not screaming when the priest does something to me later. All I want is a little nap... With Mom

With Godmother-Aunt Judy
C'mon, guys. Gimme a break. I'm only three months old. I'm SUPPOSED to sleep. Just a LITTLE nap? And what are you doing all dressed up, Aunt Judy and Uncle Eddie? With Godfather-Uncle Eddie

Mom and Dad say I'm a Christian!
I'm a Christian? Really? What happened? Why is my head wet? What's this oily smelling stuff on my forehead? And I *know* I wasn't wearing this extra bib thing when you finally let me snooze off at the chapel.

With my godmother
With my godfather
With all my parents
Who *are* all these people anyway?

Walking with Dad
Do I look different? I don't feel different. Except I'm still tired. I think I'll zonk out with Daddy. After all, renouncing Satan is hard work when you're only two feet tall. Snoozing after a hard day's work
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